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Terra Incognita Media Needs Your Help! It will be tough, but we believe in our community!

 In order to continue to demand accountability from the big-players in the outdoor industry, as well as to continue to call-out the pervasive white supremacist patriarchy, we need at least 50 people to join our Patreon, on top of reaching our $1,000 end of year goal! You could become a sustaining member for just one dollar, as well as support us by way of a one-time donation so we can stay afloat! Independent, intersectional feminist media is difficult to come by and we are dedicated to ensuring feminist media is here to stay!

Help Terra Incognita Media Start the New Year Off Strong!

For the past three years, we have fought to insert our voice and stories into the conversation at a time that is incredibly volatile and dangerous to push the envelope of the status quo. The conversations that Terra Incognita Media sparks every day are changing our community. The messages on social media and emails we receive affirm that we are an incredibly necessary outlet to fight against the cis-hetero, white supremacist, patriarchy of the outdoor industry. 

We hear from folks all the time about how pertinent and needed our work truly is for changing the landscape of our relationships to each other and the outdoors. We started this platform because we wanted more media that spoke to our politics, beliefs, philosophies, values, and practices. We hear from folks all across the world expressing their gratitude for how we have made them feel seen, or how we have challenged them to think in new ways, and incorporate inclusive habits into their everyday lives.

This is only the beginning of Terra Incognita Media. With the support of our dedicated community, a growing, diverse, and passionate group of individuals like youself, we will continue to push for inclusion and equity in the outdoor industry. And if the past 3 years have taught us anything, it's that intersectional feminist media is needed and we must continue to push for marginalized voices to be heard. 

We still need to reach our $1,000 fundraising goal, a goal we absolutely cannot afford to go forward into 2019 without! So if you can, send us a one time donation or join our Patreon so we can keep delivering incisive, intersectional feminist media to our community!