Our Mission

Terra Incognita Media is a completely independent feminist media organization that provides a feminist response to the outdoor industry.

Our content, podcast, workshops, and events protest settler colonialism, patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. We strive to instigate meaningful discourse that leads off the page and catalyzes political action.

We seek to raise the level and depth of discourse happening in the outdoor industry. We prioritize women, femme, queer, trans, POC, and Indigenous voices in order to highlight the complexity of our relationship with natural spaces.

Core Values of Our Team

Empathy, Non-Judgmental, Humility, Values Experience, Self-awareness, ability to operate in the grey, commitment to the Collective, self-motivated, open and willing to learn/unlearn, ability to build authentic relationships, open and honest communication, passionate, mission alignment

Common Questions

How will we sustain ourselves in the over-saturated market of magazines and media?

There is a need for a feminist media outlet geared specifically towards the outdoor industry. Our business model is unique because we do not rely on investors or advertisements. This means that we are completely, one-hundred-percent funded by our community of dedicated readers, followers, and supporters via our subscriptions and fundraisers. We are working to gain 501(c)3 status so we can be eligible for grants as well.

Who makes up our team?

Erin Monahan founded Terra Incognita Media in 2015 and since then our team has consisted of a network of friends and dedicated individuals who are based across the nation. Brittney Okabe joined as co-founder/co-conspirator in March 2019. Brittney also contributes her photo-journalist skills, and serves as our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant. Lorena Jasis-Wallace, Larissa Nez, Jolie Varela, Nia Abram, Clio Cy, Alyssa Denay Carter, Siena Shepard, and Hadley Bates have been main contributors and strong pillars of our team through various stages of Terra Incognita Media. The long-term vision for Terra is to have a diverse board, and an equally diverse staff. Right now, we are looking for two more co-founders/co-conspirators.

Where did the name “Terra Incognita Media” come from?

"terra incognita" means "unknown land." This is a phrase cartographers would use to label areas that were "undiscovered." However, this American myth of the land being "undiscovered," led to the ongoing process of European colonization and the continued genocide of Indigenous peoples. We use this phrase to draw attention to this erasure. We encourage conversations about accountability and repair between outdoor industry participants and indigenous communities across Turtle Island.