We curate thought-provoking critical content to counter the hegemonic narratives of the outdoor industry and to get people talking about the ways systemic oppression shows up in our lives. We are looking for writers and artists who see the world through a social justice lens and who can connect the dots between personal experience and larger social constructs. While we are a response to the outdoor industry, this can encompass a broad range of topics: our relationship with the environment, technology, sustainability, the experiences of womxn in the outdoors/indoors. Our boundaries of what is deemed relevant are very malleable and intentionally vague because often things blur and relate to each other in some way. We are all about that nuance!


First-person essays are great, but please read our published content on the website to get a sense of how our contributors strike a happy balance between the personal "I" and the larger subject matter at hand. Interviews with inspiring leaders, activists, innovators, etc. are welcome! We tend to stray from fiction or poetry, but send us something good and we may reconsider. We do not publish personal essays, experimental lyric essays, or anything that reads like a dissertation.  Finished work and query letters are both welcome. If sending only a query, please include clips or writing samples. If you have not written for us previously and are pitching a feature, please send either a full draft or a 300 word write up outlining your article.

No diary entries please. Essays should lean towards journalism. Features vary in format: interviews, reported pieces, and critical essays are welcome, as are roundups and graphically driven formats like timelines, charts, and comics. We welcome emerging and established writers who challenge traditional modes of thinking. 

Keep in mind we are looking for features (2,000-2,500 words) or short essays (600-1,500 words).


Artists please submit! Ideally, are looking for visual art pieces that tell a story about the outdoors/outdoor industry through an intersectional feminist lens. Or, we are always looking for art to pair with our essays.

Photography/Illustration Guidelines

We accept photography, illustrations, infographics, and comics. If you include photography or memorabilia, please ensure that it is 300 dpi, and at least 3.5 "x 5". We cannot guarantee the use of unrequested photographs. Please send us a few samples, or a link to your website!

Online Media Guidelines

We like posting social justice focused videos relating to what we described above. We also like brainstorming ideas for a short film that hasn’t been made yet, so talk to us about what you’re cooking up.


Send your submissions and/or questions to: