We want to hear from emerging and experienced writers and artists who identify and address systemic and institutional conditions using a restorative justice lens, especially concerning indigenous sovereignty, black and brown people, gentrification, immigration, technology, climate change, sustainability, outdoor recreation, the experiences of womxn, and more. 

Our critical and thought-provoking feminist response counters hegemonic narratives on belonging and place. We’re attuned to the ways in which oppression is often multi-layered and intersectional. We are all about that nuance and we’re look for it in submissions we receive.


We love personal essays, but no diary entries please! Whenever possible, we want our writers to find a way to incorporate the larger systemic and institutional factors at play. It’s always intriguing to see how the micro bleeds into the macro and vice versa.

Interviews with inspiring leaders, activists, innovators, etc. are welcome! We tend to stray from fiction or poetry, but send us something compelling and we may reconsider.

We prefer essays that offer a healthy dose of your personality — nothing that feels too jargon-y or straight out of a English composition class. We value academia for the focus and depth it can provide us, but want to uplift the fact that lived experiences validate expertise tenfold. Academia can stifle and strangle a writer’s originality, as well as produce dehumanizing articles with too much emphasis on numbers and data. We are not here for that. We are here for anti-institutional, anti-racist, feminist thinkers, writing, and analysis!

Finished work and pitches are both welcome. If sending a pitch feel free to send some clips or writing samples if possible — not a requirement! For longer pieces, please send a full draft, or a brief write up outlining your article.

We like to publish a variety of content: Reported pieces, critical essays, roundups/summaries of recent events, commentaries/opinion pieces, interviews, helpful action items/lists, and graphic-focused pieces with timelines, charts, and comics are very welcome — we would love to see more pieces accompanied with graphics! We welcome emerging and established writers who challenge traditional modes of thinking. 

Art/Photography/Illustration Guidelines

We accept photography, illustrations, infographics, and comics. It’s always helpful to see a few samples, a link to your website, a short bio, and artist statement, but not required.

Artists please submit! Ideally, are looking for visual art pieces that tell a story about race, class, gender, and the outdoors/outdoor industry/ wilderness as a construct. We are always looking for art to pair with our essays, so please inquire to see if we need an artist. We can keep you on deck and in mind. We will then get in touch once a written piece is submitted, and ask you to design something to accompany the piece.


Send your submissions and/or questions to: