The Future is Uncertain, but There is Hope: An Interview With Jolie Varela

 Now we have Trump, our vindictive demagogue, kissing James Comey goodbye. Politico writer, Elizabeth Drew asks, “Ok, NOW is it Watergate?” Already having swiftly fired Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she stood by her decision to instruct Justice Department lawyers not to defend Drumpf’s travel ban, we can only hope that, like Nixon, Drumpf McFuckFace leaves office. In the meantime, the fight for true justice and equality marches on and we see this in 30-year-old Jolie Varela, of Bishop, California, a daughter of the Paiute Tribe. Varela fought at Standing Rock and brought her torch home to keep the fire burning.

An Interview With David Lloyd

      I pulled into Wild Iris Mountain Sports in order to fill up my water jug. It was the start of the Lander Climbers’ Festival and I noticed a family of four biking out of the parking lot. I had seen them around town the day before. As this was my first time in Lander, I got the feeling that this family was a fixture in the local climbing community. Maybe it was because Mom and Dad had forearms the size of Mohammad Ali’s thighs. Later that same day, I went to help out with the Boulder Bash, which signified the start of the festival, and the Dad biking around with his family pulled up. We say hello and that was the start of getting to know David Lloyd. 

Interview: Megan Sullivan

In November 2014 Megan Sullivan fell while climbing in Yosemite. Three days later she was hit by a car riding her Vespa. The following week she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Instead of shriveling under the weight of it all, Megan chose to embark on a global journey. She broke away from the excuses of her past and pushed forward despite all of the trauma. You don’t need to be diagnosed with cancer to live more now, but let Megan’s story ignite a confidence inside you to go for that experience you have always wanted to have, but have been too afraid to take the risk. Risks are opportunities. Failure is growth. Megan encourages us to get out there and live more now, whether that’s leaving your phone behind as you get on a trail to nowhere, or summiting a mountain - because you can do that, you know? Yeah, YOU!