Erin Monahan wasn’t finding media she wanted to read and consume when she became more involved with environmental politics and the outdoor industry through rock climbing back in 2015. She started Terra Incognita Media with the intent on building an inclusive platform, but quickly received feedback that her approach was embroiled in white feminism. After many overhauls and evolutions, her intentions began to more closely match her impact, and Brittney Okabe noticed.

Okabe joined the team in March 2019 as co-conspirator, DEI consultant, and a contributing photo-journalist. In May 2019, Keithlee Spangler, a prison and police abolition advocate, farmer, and transformative justice facilitator, joined as co-conspirator too. Still feeling like our team needed more concrete direction and honestly, some Sagittarius energy, Dez Ramirez brightened our days and joined our team in July 2019 as co-conspirator and strategic consultant.

Terra Incognita Media is on it's way to becoming an independent, feminist media outlet solely by the support and backing of our readers who want to burn the current systems running our society all down and build something new just as much as we do. This is our contribution to that anti-patriarchal, anti-white supremacist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist dream.