Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

Fuck Columbus. This day is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Our platform is dedicated to speaking the truth of this land’s history, not perpetuating the vile origin myth of “this land is your land, this land is my land.” The US resides on stolen land. We are unwavering in our solidarity with Indigenous peoples in the struggle for sovereignty.

Action Items For the Start of Autumn

Do you feel like you’re not doing “enough”? Well, that is white supremacy culture making you feel like you have to be constantly productive. And if you do nothing, like really do nothing for more than five minutes, you’re just a sack of lazy potatoes. But this is absolute bullshit. Resting when you need to rest. Take mental and emotional health days if/when you can.

What Keeps Black Womxn from Getting the Money They Deserve? Institutional Racism and Sexism, and... Excuses.

According to the April 2019 report by the National Partnership for Women and Families, “Black women in the United States who work full-time, year-round are typically paid 61 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men,” a fact pulled from the U.S. Census Bureau 2018. Race, gender, class, and ability, are just a few major factors that impact Black womxn’s ability to get paid what they deserve. It’s not just a matter of learning how to negotiate a pay raise.

Mauna a Wākea

The Kānaka Maoli do not consent to the building of the Thirty Meter Telescope on our sacred mauna, Mauna a Wākea, or Mauna Kea. In the Kānaka culture, natural things like plants, rivers, oceans, animals, and mountains are viewed as ancestors because it is said that when we die, we embody things in our ʻāina (land). Mauna a Wākea is sacred for this reason, it is said to be our Kūpuna, our ancestor.

RACES, RAÍCES AND RACISM: Anti-Mexican Sentiment and Ultrarunning

Trump’s anti-Mexican rhetoric has emboldened California’s racists, and on June 8th, I encountered a small army of them at San Diego 100, an ultramarathon held near the Mexico-United States border. A one-hundred-mile race that cuts through Mount Laguna Recreational Area, the Pacific Crest, Noble Canyon, and Lake Cuyumaca Trails, the SD 100 operates under permit on the Cleveland National Forest. While the race’s website claims that the SD 100 is “an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender,” volunteers working for the event contradicted this mission.

How the White Body-Positive and Self-Love Movement Hinges on Anti-Blackness and How We Can Stop It

Is it Really Self-love if it’s Anti-Black?

Can we get to self-acceptance and self-love if we have been indoctrinated into an anti-fat and anti-Black mentality? Am I really “body-positive” if I am anti-fat and anti-Black? If I’m not working against these oppressive forces in my psyche then I am definitely not anywhere near “body-positive.” Are your favorite white “body-positive” influencers talking about the fact that we have historically demonized and dehumanized fat Black womxn and femmes?

A Message to Corporations like Planet Granite: Free Belay Lessons Won't Cut It, We Need Anti-Police Brutality Advocacy in Honor of Pride

This is a call to action for my fellow white people of the gym, the white people in management, the white people who work there: interrogate your inherent racism, transphobia, homophobia and work against it. Say those words out loud and discuss them. They are not dirty words. They are lived realities. Action that is performative, like a free one day belay lesson during Pride month, is only serving to uphold the current status quo. Planet Granite will look like an “ally,” will get some pats on the back, call it “baby steps,” and then go back to business as usual. It is not good enough.

Abuses of Power: How Christian Beckwith and I Have Similar Work to Do

Christian Beckwith and I confront similar internal issues, aside from his position of power as a cis male. As a white woman I am constantly questioning why I enter into the work, spaces, conversations, that I engage in. Where do I need to check myself? How can I check myself in order to prevent harm? I ask myself questions that I wish Christian Beckwith would ask himself: How can I stop myself from acting on my superiority complex? How can I stop myself from needing to be included in everything, or how can I heal my need to share my opinion on everything? Is this my whiteness taking over, or do I genuinely have something to contribute of actual value? Will this add to what is happening, or am I doing this/saying this for myself just to center myself?”

The Impact of #WontTakeShiftAnymore and the Struggle for Co-Liberation with Vasu Sojitra and Bam Mendiola

It is impossible to stay “neutral” when harm has occurred and survivors come forward with their stories. When someone claims to be “neutral” they are choosing complicity. To stay silent and not speak out against that harm is to allow it to continue. As reporters and witnesses, especially if we are white folx, it is necessary to speak out against this violence. To avoid doing so is to avoid holding the perpetrator of the harm, in this case SHIFT and Beckwith, accountable.

BOYCOTT SHIFT: Letter in Support

The violence experienced at SHIFT is for white people to take action against, and yet, over and over again, it’s BIWOC and Queer BIPOC that are on the frontlines. I want to give immense gratitude and praise to the 17 individuals who came forward to stand up for themselves and to not take shit any longer. Yes, it’s true, any movement we support should have BIWOC at the helm, but in this case, the people harmed were forced to take action when it could have been prevented. It gets to this point because white people don’t listen and believe BIWOC and Queer BIPOC in the FIRST place.

#WontTakeShiftAnymore Call to Action

We cannot turn a blind eye. We cannot say there are “two sides to every story.” There are no two sides to racism. Ever. We cannot be silent while our siblings in this industry experience re-trauamatization. We cannot hide behind our white fragility and center our discomfort, while our BIPOC siblings put not only their careers on the line, but their bodies and lives on the line. In honor of co-liberation we all need to demand justice alongside those who have been targeted and most impacted by Christian Beckwith’s violent actions.