Traditional homelands of Southern Mono/Monache, Northern Paiute, and Newe (Western Shoshone)

Traditional homelands of Southern Mono/Monache, Northern Paiute, and Newe (Western Shoshone)

Erin Monahan, Co-Conspirator, Contributing Writer

Erin Monahan is the founder of Terra Incognita Media. She is a writer, workshop facilitator, and rock climber based in Portland, Oregon, the traditional territory of the Multnomah, Tualatin Kalapuya, Clackamas, Chinook, and Molalla peoples. She is dedicated to living a life through an equity lens and is most concerned with writing about the epidemic of toxic masculinity and white supremacy in the outdoor industry, as well as her process of detaching from the social construct of whiteness.

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Oahu, Kanaka ‘Ōiwi

Oahu, Kanaka ‘Ōiwi

Brittney Okabe, Co-Conspirator, DEI Consultant, Contributing Photo-Journalist

Brittney joined as co-founder/co-conspirator in March 2019. Brittney also contributes their photo-journalist skills, and serves as our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant. They are a musician, rock climber, social worker currently living in Portland, Oregon, Chinook Territory.

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Keithlee Spangler, Co-Conspirator, Communications/Operations

Keithlee (they/them) joined as a co-founder/co-conspirator in May 2019. They are a prison and police abolition advocate, farmer, and transformative justice facilitator. Keithlee is a queer, white, Midwesterner who found their home on Piscataway land four years ago after traveling coast to coast in search of intentional community. They live with chosen queer family and their dog, Yuba, in a big old farmhouse. They love bouldering and kayaking, and promise to never leave Yuba dog behind.

Dez Ramirez, Strategic Director 

Dez Ramirez (she/her) is a Mexican-American writer, traveler and rugged outdoor woman. Over the past seven years, she has built a career in Portland as a writer, strategist, and artist of color. In 2017 she successfully launched the travel website and brand for women of color, On She Goes. Ramirez spent four years at creative agency Wieden+Kennedy and has written for Travel Oregon, Travel Portland and Portland Monthly. A passionate outdoor enthusiast, Dez is currently working to diversify the outdoor recreation and conservation industries, and spends much of her time traveling around Oregon, building community, storytelling, and advocating for people of color to break into and make change in these spaces. Her work intersects nature, adventure, outdoor experiences, identity, feminism and social justice. With a deep desire to shift paradigms and deepen cultural resiliency, Dez is working to drive radical change in the environmental movement. 

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Contributing Writers and Artists:

KT selfie.jpeg

KT, Contributing Artist

I’m an anonymous 25 year old queer artist from Memphis,TN trying to create space for others like me. I’m a jack of all trades when it comes to art. I can paint, illustrate, and more. My passion has been creating art since before I can remember.

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Larissa Nez, Co-Facilitator of Interrupting Oppression Workshops and Contributing Writer

Yá’át’ééh, shí éí Larissa Nez yinishyé. Hashtł’ishnii nishłį. Dziłtł’ahnii báshíshchíín. Táchii’nii éí da shicheiii. Tótsohnii éí da shinálí. Ákót’éego Diné asdzáán nishłį. Hello, my name is Larissa Nez and I am Diné. I am of the Mud People Clan and born for the Mountain Cove People Clan. My maternal grandfather is of the Red Running into the Water People. My paternal grandfather is of the Big Water People. I am from the Navajo Nation and I attended the University of Notre Dame from 2007-2012 to obtain my B.A. in Sociology and Art History. I am a Youth Advocate at the Native American Youth & Family Center and I am also a student at Portland Community College furthering my study of Sociology. Additionally, I am a representative on the PPS Ethnic Studies Oversight Committee, where we are developing curriculum for Ethnic Studies courses that will be available for all PPS students in 2019. My greatest passion is supporting Indigenous people and communities and empowering them to reclaim their identity, culture, and voice. I enjoy traveling, sports, music, art, and nature. Check her out @canoecanoa


Lorena Jasis-Wallace, Co-Facilitator of Interrupting Oppression Workshops and Contributing Writer

Lorena Jasis-Wallace is originally from Kentucky, and tends toward a social justice lens in all areas of her work (whether it's wilderness leadership, or providing access to social services kids and communities). She became a co-facilitator of Terra Incognita Media's "Interrupting Oppression" workshops after being inspired by the outreach and commitment to social change in this community. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends too much time with her dogs.

Check out her gram: @lorenajw_x

Dani Miller, Contributing Writer

Many know me as Dani, my url for my Patreon is my Ndn name Ižaŋžaŋwiŋ which means "Bright Star Woman " in Dakota language. I chose to include my name as a reminder of who I am doing this work for; Not only for myself, but for the betterment of my people. I have a passion in expressing my identity and resistance through writing. My journey in writing began while I attended the University of North Dakota (2008-2014), where my involvement in community organizing my senior year, and my major in Indian Studies, gave me courage to express my resistance and really embrace my Native identity as a Očeti Sakowiŋ (Dakota) Wiŋyaŋ. I am passionate about sharing my experiences as a Native person who grew up displaced in suburbia (Southern Maryland) and the ways that embracing uniqueness relates to the larger scheme of societal structures. 

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Kima Nieves, Contributing Writer

Kima Nieves is an Urban and reconnecting Indigenous writer, advocate and Mother in Virginia. 

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Nia Abram, Contributing Writer and Co-Editor

Nia Abram is a writer, activist, creator, and realist with a degree in Environmental Policy from Colorado College. She believes that black and brown voices will lead the movement to a more equitable, sustainable planet. It is her goal to examine, understand, and move through the complex identifiers that make one “progressive” in order push for a more radical and intersectional movement that incorporates accountability. As a black queer woman she seeks to go beyond just cultural critique, and also focuses on themes of solidarity and support by finding joy and excitement in the beauty of her people and culture.

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Alyssa Denay Carter, Contributing Artist

Alyssa Miller is a (soon to be) graduate from Colorado College with a degree in Studio Art with an emphasis on textiles, performance, and printmaking/painting and a minor in Race and Ethnic Migrations Studies. Her work addresses the embodiment of and performance of intersectional identities, bodies in spaces and places in bodies, a sort of inherited cultural memory, and both literal and metaphorical processes of shedding skin using weaving sculptural textiles out of nylon monofilament as well as using layering and collage techniques.

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cy portrait.jpg

Clio Cy, Contributing Artist

Cy is a queer non-binary cyborg filmmaker, 2D artist, and writer with a degree in Film and Media Studies from Colorado College. Their work focuses primarily on sexuality and intimacy through a intersectional feminist lens. They seek to both learn and break free from rigid constraints of identity (and society) and use their work as a method of exploration and exhalation. Through the power of shock and awe, they hope to transform the world around us and make it a safer place for black, brown, and queer people.

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fēnix grace, Contributing Writer

fēnix grace is a writer, film-maker, interdisciplinary artist, and facilitator. They are an apprentice to the arts of “grieving and dreaming” and to the arts of healing trauma in the body. As a queer, white, and neurodivergent being, they seek to dismantle/compost internalized & externalized white supremacy, ableism, classism, and homo/transphobia through their life and work. They are passionate about reclaiming kinship with the ecological world and moving from a place of belonging and co-liberation. Creating art is a way they give space to the oceans they feel inside.

You can follow their evolving work here, and check out their Instagram @born.of.trees 

Myriam Gurba, Contributing Writer

Gurba is a high school teacher, writer, podcaster and artist who lives in Long Beach, California. Her most recent book, the true crime memoir Mean, was a New York Times editors’ choice. Publishers Weekly describes her as a “literary voice like none other.” Gurba co-hosts the AskBiGrlz advice podcast with cartoonist, and MariNaomi. Her collage, digital artwork, and photography has been shown in museums, galleries, and community centers.

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