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What is White Feminism?

What is White Feminism?

Cover image from Mic's video called, "Have You Tried White Feminism?"

White feminism is a white woman crying, "That isn't very 'women-empowerment' of you!" when you're trying to explain to her how her actions, behavior, and/or language have been harming women of color. White feminism is when white women only want to talk about sexism, misogyny, the patriarchy, or the "positive" aspects of history. White feminism is pink pussy hats (which are trans-misogynistic). White feminism is taking #metoo and not giving credit to Tarana Burke. White feminism is outraged about sexual assault when Hollywood elites are affected, but not blinking an eye when it comes to the fact that there are no statistics for missing and murdered Indigenous women in the United States because our government just doesn't deem it worthy of inquiry. White feminism is waking up, looking in the mirror, and the thought never crosses your mind that you are a white woman.

White feminism is not grappling with how white women are oppressors too. White feminism does not look at itself, does not aim to de-center itself, and is only concerned about its own social capital. White feminism is basically just being oblivious to how you, as a white woman, may act in ways that silence other marginalized communities due to the blinders that come with white privilege. This means white women have to work really hard towards being more self-aware, conscientious, and humble. White feminism are the suffragettes of the modern day looking to push themselves and their agendas forward without fighting for poor women, Black women, Indigenous women, LGBTQIA women, trans women, alter-abled bodied women, etc. White feminism is an ugly beast to tame, so you better work, girl. 

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