Terra Incognita is a nonprofit, independent, climbing media organization dedicated to providing and encouraging an engaged, thoughtful response to all things climbing through an ecofeminist lens. Terra Incognita is the first nationally distributed, print and digital media outlet in the U.S. to focus solely on the world of climbing from this perspective.

There is a lack of critical, quality information in the climbing community, and as a result a dearth of activism. Climbing takes us into our beloved outdoors and one can’t help but think about our impact on each other and the natural world. Terra Incognita strives to address the separation of man/woman, man/nature, self/other, and all dualities in an effort to bring awareness to the scope of our impact on the world. Through awareness comes action and change. Within the framework of ecofeminism, Terra Incognita provides important content to supplement and enrich our time spent climbing outside. This is an independent media organization that focuses solely on climbing-related topics that drive positive discussion and awareness. We want to be good to the world and include a more diverse spectrum of stories told.