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Erin Monahan: climber, feminist, Terra Incognita founder and writer by Emma Athena Murray

July 5, 2016 

Terra Incognita uses climbing as a vehicle because climbing has a rebellious spirit that initially drew me to it. Climbing takes you to where your body physically rebels: at first, it’s so unnatural to be so high. It’s a physical rebellion, and then it’s also a rebellion of the status quo.
 Photo Courtesy: Michelle Smith

Photo Courtesy: Michelle Smith

A Reflective Reel Rock Review by Emma Athena Murray

October 7, 2017

Shortly following the debut of last year’s Reel Rock 10 tour, alarm rang through parts of the climbing communityWhere were the women? we wanted to know. The tour was thrilling, of course; it was inspiring, no doubt; it was awesome; but it starred not a single woman crushing on rock. We saw Nina Williams on the screen, but it wasn’t nearly enough to compensate for the ensuing homogeneity of outdoorspeople featured.