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Interrupting Oppression

Interrupting Oppression

Every month Terra Incognita Media hosts "Interrupting Oppression" workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to discuss systems of oppression and how they manifest in the outdoor industry, as well as how they show up in our society at large. Our workshops have focused on white privilege, land acknowledgement, toxic masculinity, and appropriation. The workshops are two hours long and are full of dynamic and meaningful conversation.

We start the night by going over our community agreements, usually have a few presentations, and intermittently break up into small group discussions. The goal is to think critically, speak thoughtfully, and be mindful of how we take up space.

Our co-facilitators are Larissa Nez, Lorena Wallace, and founder, Erin Monahan. Questions and feedback are highly encouraged and welcomed. Have a suggestion for a future workshop? 

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Resources on Appropriation

Resources on Appropriation