Our approach

towards our environmental choices (like avoiding plastics, buying bulk, and using sustainable materials to produce our content), as well as our response to social injustices, are akin to our approach to climbing: we always strive to push past the comfort zone. We strive to challenge the limits and perceptions of what we can endure, handle, and create. We deem social justice and the environmental crisis as the most lucrative of expeditions: they go hand in hand. The environmental and feminist movements are the most daunting, the most feared, and the most ubiquitous of issues. What better challenges to face? What nobler causes to taken on? Why not get mired in the depressing facts and stats - the horrifying realizations of our systems and our impact? 

It is through embracing the truth, the devastating reality of our world, that anything meaningful gets accomplished.  Of course it drives us crazy to think about it. Yet, we have never known another way to be. Our Western consumer religion in tandem with our history of abusing the land, women, and minorities have left us minimal options, but we are protesting. We are going to tell different stories. Stories that encourage the collapse of the capitalist ethos. No matter the arena, we love a good challenge. We reject narratives of inevitability. We would rather go down fighting, than go down sweeping shit under the rug. There's really no in between.

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way." - Arundhati Roy