Our Mission

Terra Incognita Media is a feminist response to the outdoor industry. It is a protest of environmental and social injustice. It is a middle finger to our click-bait, 140-character culture. Much like our approach to climbing, we strive to challenge the limits and perceptions of what we can endure, handle, and create. Consumerism and capitalism dominate our Western ethos, but this is our resistance. As our society shifts into a fully integrated digital age, and (without our welcome) ushers in a new president, we strive to instigate meaningful discourse that leads off the page and manifests in political action.

We tell different stories. We seek to make the unheard and marginalized loud and clear. We uphold creativity, expertise, and craft. We know the costs and risks associated with running a print publication, but feminist media doesn't exist in the outdoor industry. And that needs to change.

Terra Incognita Media raises tough questions about our existence on this planet, catapults difficult conversations about the unknown, and stimulates action towards the benefit of our environment.  

We're breaking barriers and pushing the envelope. We stand behind those who revel in fighting consumerism, the patriarchy, and "societal norms," because our climbing world is not exempt from these obstacles and they must be addressed.

We believe in Negative Capability: the ability to linger in the mystery - to revel in it. John Keats who coined the phrase describes it as "when a [hu]man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason."

Terra Incognita explores many outcomes, many meanings, discards closure, welcomes possibility, and finds resolve in the ambiguity of existence.