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Winter Stoke 2017 at The Mountain Shop

Winter Stoke 2017 at The Mountain Shop

Help us raise funds for our intro issue!

Come to The Mountain Shop on Thursday February 2, 2017 from 6pm-9pm to help us raise money and celebrate the new year!

We are so excited for what 2017 has in store for Terra Incognita Media. Our goal is to have a print prototype by the end of March to show partners and sponsors who we are. 

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What is Winter Stoke?

This is the first annual Winter Stoke event in Portland, Oregon where the community gets together to learn about how we can get involved, excited and inspired. We are bringing together climbers, environmental advocates, musicians and artists to celebrate environmental and social justice - because that's what Terra Incognita Media is all about!

Why should I go?

To support writers, artists, and designers who are working hard to publish an alternative lens to the climbing and outdoor community. Increasingly the media falls prey to the pressures of "likes" and short attention spans, but we are protesting. We provide our community with thoughtful, critical, and important analysis of what's going on in our outdoor community, what's happening with the politics of the industry, and draw parallels to the larger world. There are few publications out there who strive to publish quality over quantity, who value their convictions over their google analytics, and who provide unabashed, unapologetic feminist media. 

What do I get?

You get BEER, PIZZA, KOMBUCHA, a presentation from an inspiring climber, a short film on environmental advocacy, a "low-down" speech from Erin, the founder of Terra Incognita Media, presentations from local artists, and live music!

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can get your ticket at the Mountain Shop for $20 prior to the event, plus one free beer token. Or, you can get your ticket the night of the event for $25. 

Tell me more about Terra Incognita Media!

Terra Incognita Media is a feminist response to environmental and social injustice, as well as a protest of our click-bait, 140-character culture. Much like our approach to climbing, we strive to challenge the limits and perceptions of what we can endure, handle, and create. Consumerism and capitalism dominate our Western ethos, but this is our resistance. We tell different stories. We seek to make the unheard loud and clear. We uphold creativity, expertise, and craft. As our culture shifts into a fully integrated digital age, we strive to instigate meaningful discourse that leads off the page and manifests in political action. We know the costs and risks associated with starting a print publication, but a feminist analysis of the outdoor industry doesn't exist. And that needs to change.

Rumor has it, the Honnold will be there! Alex Honnold LOVES Terra Incognita Media! Who knew?!

Rumor has it, the Honnold will be there! Alex Honnold LOVES Terra Incognita Media! Who knew?!

Powwow at the End of the World

Powwow at the End of the World