One day in the fall of 2015, a young woman with a deep-seated need for truth and gigantic rock towers quit her jobs in Portland, Oregon and headed to Yosemite and Indian Creek. Instead of grad school, or a stable career she decided to set herself up to simply live outside.

She had grown tired of the routine. She was hungry for compelling arguments around a campfire. She was in dire need of time: to watch shadows move across the monoliths; to write about things that matter; to explore the ambiguity of existence by being an anonymous silhouette on a cliffside.

In the aftermath of the Dawn Wall, the upheaval of the government shut down, and amidst the debris of a myriad of brands co-opting the outdoors as trendy and hip, Erin Monahan started working towards Terra Incognita. Her travels to Yosemite and Indian Creek proved to be a huge learning experience where Erin got to know her climbing community on a grittier level. Being on the road, she realized she wanted to participate with, and contribute to, her community more fully. 

She returned to Portland, Oregon, woke up on her friend's couch and realized that outdoor media needed a feminist voice - a voice that sheds light on experiences of all genders, and instigates questions about our relationship with nature. The physical and mental challenges of rock climbing inspired her to create an equally challenging media outlet, one that catapults difficult conversations about our identities and environmental responsibility. 

Throughout her climbing travels Erin saw that small happenings can lead to big changes, and that internal evolution can lead to outer revolution. So, Erin set forward without any savings, or a business plan - just faith that focus and determination would be her guide.

In the following cold and rainy winter months, Erin carried her "office" in her backpack, and her subscribers in her notebook. Terra Incognita is all about truth, conviction, and genuine, hard work. Erin finds it easy to wake up early and stay up late when she is working towards something that gives her joy in ways that no amount of money ever could.